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OK, so this is not one of my usual techno mistake photos, but I just couldn’t resist this one from a surveyor friend down in the Annapolis area, Derek Rhymes. Since the owner of this boat is going to want to apply anti-fouling paint to the inside of this bow thruster tube, this robin’s nest is going to go through a major relocation………maybe. That’s a real problem. According to moving the nest will most likely cause the mother and father to abandon the nest and any egg in it. So, if you’re a bird lover, the word is that building a nest can take the robin between 2 to 6 days. The entire process, from nest construction to an egg hatching can take between 17 and 27 days. So, depending on your launch schedule, and when you actually make this discovery, you may just wait to launch…….. A further search discovered something I never would have guessed. The Migratory Bird Treaty Act makes it illegal to disturb the nest of any native bird without a permit!

So, as you go through your Spring boat prep, if you come across a birds nest, be careful. You could end up with the Audubon Society coming after you. Or, getting assaulted by a flock of who knows what kind of bird!

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