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Introducing A New Website To Help Boaters Lean More About Their Boat

Let me introduce you to someone who I have been communicating with for several years now. Silvio Franceschini in a marine electronics/electrical technician located in Switzerland and he’s been very busy the last several years. He’s created a really wonderful and useful website called simply .

Silvio is a fellow who is really trying to help the yachting community. Now he’s created an either online or application that will coach you through all the right questions that need to be asked if you have a problem and need answers. Is the service free? No, but it shouldn’t be either, but if you need a valuable resource to inventory and create a system layout for your new or used boat, this may be the best online resource that exists anywhere.

Silvio has also included a free ap (for desktop use only at this point) to sort you through all of this. Further, the services Silvio is offering are available worldwide, so for cruisers, this is especially compelling. Basically if you have internet access, you can have Silvio. Please, check this out and tell Silvio I sent you along, I think he’s really on to something that will help out a lot of serious boater’s who want and need to learn more about their boat.

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