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Most people that own boats spend little or no time thinking about the exhaust system for either their main propulsion engines or their generator if they have one. In going through my photo archives today I ran across a photo in my “stupid designs” file. Its worth sharing so you can check your boat and see if the same design team worked on your boat. The photo below shows quite clearly what I’m talking about here.

 The little nub you see down near the waterline is the exhuast outlet for this boat’s generator. It’s about 2 ft. below an opening port that serves a berthing area on this particular boat. I just love sniffing engine exhaust gasses while I’m trying to get to sleep………….What were these guys thinking?

Now granted this particular boat is diesel equipped, but please people, remember that even though diesels emit a far lower percentage of carbon monoxide, they do emit some carbon monoxide. This is a potentially lethal design that slipped through the cracks. Why? Well the boat was not built here in the US, and I’ll bet for sure the builder / designer had never even heard of ABYC Standard P-1, which addresses issues like this. Check your boat over for stupid designs like this. Photos are welcome!

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