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Bayliss Boat Works Knows How To Boost A Boats Performance With This Stylish & Functional Design.

Continuing with some ideas that Bayliss Boat Works employ is a look at the speed bump to love. Well I loved it anyhow. Not the sort of thing that gets most people excited, but it got me going because I have at least a rudimentary feel for what can work under the waterline. What I can’t understand is why more builders don’t adopt this concept. At the design and hull build phase this does not seem too hard to do. The bump I’m referring to here is found on the leading edge of the bow thruster tube and shown below.

Well ok, maybe its more than just a bump, there’s an indent too. But this just gives you more of a look at the attention to detail Bayliss puts into their boats. The idea here is to not let the opening for the bow thruster tube to act like a scoop, upsetting the water flow over the surface of the hull. As the boat moves forward, the bump nicely diverts the flow slightly above the surface and effectively sends it aft into the perfectly faired indent on the trailing edge of the tube opening and back along the hull surface.

The concept here is to minimize any drag created by the hole in the side of the boat. I love the idea. It seems to me it should do a great job of improving the boat’s performance or at least any reduction in performance that a thruster tube might create. This may seem like a small thing on a boat that’s sporting at least 1000 horsepower, probably closer to 2000 horsepower, but what about a sailboat where drag really matters? I’m not sure I’ve seen anything quite like this on a sailboat with a bow thruster………..Just a thought.

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