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Pacer Wire & Cable Circuit Breakers & Terminals For Your Boat

I recently recieved the following letter from a reader.

In the photo I sent in, you can see the back side of my new boat’s main switch panel. I’m curious about the red blue and yellow plug in devices on the back of the panel. I’m assuming they are some sort of fuse or circuit breakers but am not really sure. Furthermore, I’ve tried to find some spare replacements and haven’t had much luck in my area. Any ideas on this? Ed, you’ve been really helpful in the past so I’m reaching out again.

Thanks, Tom

Tom, you’re in luck here. One of our sponsors here at Eds Boat Tips, Pacer Wire and Cable sells circuit breakers that should fit onto the terminals on the back of your panelboard. What you are looking at are small thermal reacting circuit breakers.

You can also click on the link to Pacer and go to their circuit breaker section on their website. Look under the ETA breaker headings and you should be able to find some breakers that will do the job.

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