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Cole Hersee has just introduced a new battery master switch #75920 that is quite unique, and has a place on a lot of boats, especially small open boats. In my view all boats with a battery should have a master shut off switch. ABYC Standard E-10 does exempt boats with a single battery rated at 800 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) or less, but personally I prefer to have a master switch installed.

What makes the Cole Hersee switch unique is that it has clearly been designed for extreme weather exposure. Its housing is made of a polymer and tested to an SAE 1455 standard for exposure to road salt, calcium chloride and magnesium chloride. Its waterproof rating is IP 67, which is ideal for small open boats where the switch is most likely going to be mounted in a highly exposed location. The switch is rated for 300 amps at 12 VDC, more than ample for the average small open boat, even one of mine which has more electrical gear on it than the average 50 footer.

Another unique feature is the slotted handle and matching housing slot. These are specifically designed for situations where tag-out lock out may be required in an industrial application, but for the small boat owner this feature provides additional security against theft. My skiff for example, spends the summer on a mooring and I’m certainly not around to watch the boat every day. Locking the power off adds just one more step a thief would have to go through to steal my boat.

Waterproof, salt proof and I can lock the power off all add up to making this switch a winner in my view. This one is going on my boat before I launch this summer.

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