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As promised yesterday I’ve put my checklist together for the upcoming trip to the Tampa Boat Show. Basically I’m toying with the idea of upgrading Fly Zone, my beloved Amesbury 16 to something I can get around a little faster in. I still don’t have very much free time, so the cruising sailboat is out of the picture for a couple of years. But, a slightly larger center console for blasting around Narragansett Bay here in RI just might do fine for a few years. If I don’t use it my son will certainly take advantage of it when he’s home from school.

So, based on who’s going to be at the Tampa show, I’ve selected five boats I hope to look at closely at the show. I’ll report on each when I get back. So in no particular order, I want to check out a C-230 Pursuit, 240 Bay Scout, 223 Everglades, 236 Key Largo, and a 23 ft. Hydrasport. Look for an update here this coming Friday and Saturday.

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