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A panel mountable ELCI:

Some time ago I discussed a device that is now going to become a requirement for new boats based on ABYC Standard E-11 this coming July 31st. The ELCI is going to provide whole boat ground fault protection and is in my mind one of the most signiifcant safety devices we at the ABYC have added to our list of requirements in a decade. My friends at Blue Sea Systems have just added a wonderful technical brief to their newsletter yesterday pictorially explaining the how and why of this device. You can check out this very informative and pictorial  explanation by copying and pasting on this link:

My hope is that although these devices will only be required on new boats looking forward, many boaters will consider this life saving device as a high priority for upgrading their existing boat. A list of distribution outlets and location is shown below:

West Marine, All over

Fisheries Supply Company, Seattle

Kellog Marine, Old Lyme, CT

Peter Kennedy Yacht Services, Annapolis

Svendsen’s Marine Distributing, Alameda, CA

U.S. Distributing, Portland, OR

Polaris, Marine Electric Supply, St. Augustine, FL

C.E. Beckman Co., New Bedford, MA

Brewer’s Marine Supply, Hamilton, ONT

Fawcett’s, Annapolis

Hamilton Marine, Searsport, ME

Defender Industries, Waterford, CT

Western Marine Company, Vancouver, BC

Seawide Marine Distribution, Murrietta, CA

Seattle Marine and Fishing, Seattle, WA

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