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Hella just announced that several of their LED lights have been certified to meet Ignition Portection requirements as set forth by international requirements. This solves a problem that has been on-going for some time, finding compliant lighting for engine rooms, fuel tank areas and on newer boats, on-board tender or jet ski garages.

Both the new DuraLED and EuroLED series of lights are now compliant with ignition protection standards of ISO 8846, USCG, ABYC and SAE J1171. The lights are available in several configurations and are shown here:

 The advantages to LED lighting are much cooler running, very low current draw and extended life. Hella has carried that one step further by overcoming one of the bugaboos with some of the earlier LED’s brought into the marine market, voltage variations on board.
There are many reports of pre-mature LED failure due to high voltage spikes in real world situations such as faulty voltage regulators for on board charging systems and such. Hella supplies these lights with integrated “multi-volt technology” that provides consistent lighting and circuit protection from 9-33 VDC, so that historical problem is now in the past.

As for the ignition protection from a safety perspective, the need for electrical components used in any area on the boat where either gasoline or LPG is stored cannot be over-emphasized. Check these lights out if you have that situation on your boat.

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