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Marine shore power equipment maker Hubble Marine Electrical Products made an announcement today that will offer help for boaters heading to Europe or for those based in Europe. The announcement reflects one of my basic observations about all of us and our “appetite for amps”. Hubble is expanding their offerings to include 63 amp 230V 50 cycle service shore power plugs and receptacles. Gotta help feed that appetite! The new units are shown here:


The new units feature a unique configuration that is not interchangeable with domestic/US systems, Hubbell’s 63 amp offering employs standard NEMA designs.  It is intended for use with 50 cycle systems only, similar to Hubbell’s non-interchangeable 16 amp and 32 amp international shore power systems.

Resembling traditional shore power style and appearance, the 63 amp, 3-wire inlet, along with its sealing threads, is available in #316 stainless steel.  Mating plug and female connector utilize rugged nickel-plated brass housings for added durability.  The weather-proof boot for the female connector utilizes a #316 stainless steel sealing ring to minimize cross-threading when mated with the inlet’s stainless steel threads.

All 63 amp devices feature Hubbell’s high heat-resistant thermoset interior and box-lug terminations as used in its high-quality 50 amp US offering.  Hubbell’s 63 amp inlet and connector retail for under $150 a piece.

Need more info? Contact Hubbell Marine Electrical Products, 40 Waterview Dr.Shelton, CT  06484. 475-882-4838; Fax: 203-783-9195.  or go to their website at:

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