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Ed’s Boat


In my work for the ABYC I conduct a lot of training seminars around the globe and many people ask me what kind of boat I have. So, since I’m just about ready to launch this year, I thought I’d give you some details about my current “yacht”, this way when people ask, I can just send them here for the details. Keep in mind that as an industry insider, I travel extensively and really don’t have the time many have to hang out on my boat. Also, even though I spend a lot of time teaching people how to take care of their boats, I actually don’t have a whole lot of free time to spend working on my own boat. Right now, a small boat suits me just fine and I love my 16′ Amesbury Dory as much as any boat I’ve ever owned, large or small.

The boat was built by the Sturdee Boat Company in Tiverton, RI and I bought it new in 2002. The interior is shown here:

Fly Zone

I like to refer to Fly Zone as my northern flats boat becasue it really is perfect for shallow water operation, it only draws about 18′ and can bring me in places other boats can’t get to. The boat is easily driven by a Tohatsu 4 stroke outboard that I’ve tweaked slightly to get 20 HP, more than enough to give me a cruising speed of over 20 knots with excellent fuel economy. I don’t spend more than about $200 a season on fuel!

Fly Zone is all fiberglass construction with a classic lapstrake hull, oak and mahogany trim, just enough to give me pleasure in keeping up the bright work, not enough to be a maintenance nightmare. Very classic look.

As for electrical and electronic equipment, many folks are taken aback when they hear about the gear I have installed on this mini yacht. All neatly tucked into or onto the side mounted console are a Ritchie compass, Raymarine fish finder, VHF radio, Navman color GPS chartplotter and a dual Tacktick wireless setup with full wind speed and direction, depth, battery monitor and boat speed at my fingertips. I’ve also got a power plug to recharge my cell phone if needed.

I power this gear as well as the bilge pump and navigation lights through a Blue Sea “Weather Deck” 4306 waterproof DC distribution panel supplied by a group 24 starting battery and group 27 deep cycle battery controlled by a Blue Sea e-series master switch. Since the boat spends the summer on a mooring in front of my house, I’ve also got a solar powered Pulse Tech battery charger / conditioner integrated into one of the battery box lids. This system provides more than enough reserve battery capacity to keep my bilge pump running even when I’m traveling extensively and can’t check on Fly Zone.

So there you have it, Ed’s Boat. I’ll get some shots of her in the water after I launch at the end of the week so you can get a look at the hull and beautiful sheer line.

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