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Back in November I reported that we had received a query from Eddie about possibly turning his new Marshall Sanderling into an electric drive. See here:

Well, I heard from Eddie over the weekend and he’s pulled the trigger on this project. We’re talking brandy new boat with a Mastervolt electric drive system. Awesome! Eddie’s system will be a little bit different¬†from the Alerion Electric I reported on last year in that he is going with a 24 volt vs. 48 volt system and he won’t have quite as much reserve capacity. But, his usage will be a bit different also.

So, check in often as we’re going to follow this project start to finish.¬†The photos below show the hull and deck set and the first steps of the drive installed.

Marshall Sanderling Hull and Deck in The Early Stages of Construction

Structural grid with shaft and drive in early stages of installation

Stay tuned. We’re going to have step by step photos of this project as it evolves.

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