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A Custom Built All Electric Powered Marshall Catboat.

I’ve been reporting the progress our friend Eddie has been making with his all electric Marshall Catboat as it is being custom built. Well, the day has come and the boat is now complete. Eddie trailered it to Florida and he’s been out sailing this past week.

I’m jealous. I was at the Miami Boat Show working as an NMMA Innovation award judge. Got to see some really cool new products though, and I’ll be reporting on those over the next few weeks. Just sorting through some photos, but stay tuned, lots of super neat things to report from Miami coming your way right here. For now though, check out Eddie’s all electric, Mastervolt Powered Marshall Catboat. Its a thing of beauty!

Mastervolt LION batteries, charger and controls in place on the Marshall

Full Cabin View. Nothing like a totally traditional boat set up with a completely state of the art electric propuslion system.

I’ll report back as Eddie checks in. He’s monitoring his power comsumption while in Florida. So far so good.

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