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Dometic Corp. has just announced a new product that sure interests me. For years now I’ve been allergic to airborne “stuff”. My symptoms vary between Spring, Summer and Fall, but the truth is, each season has it’s own unique allergens that give me watery eyes and a stuffed nose.

The new Breath Easy system can work on just about any boat that has air conditioning and some duct work as it simply fits inline with the boat’s air conditioning duct system. The unit is shown here:

This device is going to do a lot more than simply clean the air of allergens. Mold smell and cooking odors as well as airborne viruses and bacteria can be dramatically reduced if not eliminated according to Dometic.  How does it work you ask?

The cannister you see above is actually a catalytic converter that uses a combination of non-ozone producing UV light and a titanium-dioxide catalyst which is coating the surface of a nanomesh screen-like filter to convert pollutants into non-toxic elements as the air flows through it.

For those of you who may remember the old “ozone generators” that entered into the marine market a few years back don’t worry, this is not the same technology and will not have the negative effect on rubber goods that some of those generators did. Dometic is quite clear in all of their literature that this catalyst is non-ozone producing. This is an important differentiator between this product and some that have been out in the market-place over the years to reduce or eliminate odors on boats. To learn more about this exciting new way to get a breath of fresh air on board, check out their video at:


Dometic will be at the upcoming IBEX (International Boat Builder’s Exhibition) and I will be in attendance as a speaker. I plan to stop by their booth and get more information on this new technology. I’ll share what I learn after I get back from the show

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