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Love it. We’re internationally famous! I received a nice note from a reader in Switzerland yesterday. I’m sharing this as I know his is a question that many folks have. Here’s the note:

Dear Ed

I’m Silvio from Switzerland, work as you in the marine electronic / electric business here in Switzerland. We are Distributor for the Navico Brands and MasterVolt.
I will start very soon with my own project, a online support service.

I read your article about galvanic corrosion in Cruising World some month ago. And now meet your site. Very interesting what you’re doing.

Its a very interesting and important topic and its really hard to get good information, at least in German.
I was looking for this silver- cell to measure the insulation. I think there are not a lot of people who do that over here, so I’m interested. Can you give me some information about this cell, and were I can buy it or what manufacturer you use?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards.


I strongly recommend one company to get this problem solved.  Go to: What Silvio is talking about here is the cell attachment you need for your multi-meter if you want to do some reference checks for the protection level of your boat’s anodes. The unit Boat Zincs sells looks like this:


For those of you with questions about all of this, the website is loaded with answers. Check it out or shoot me a specific question. We’ll get an answer.

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