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First my apologies, I’ve been traveling and putting in twelve hour days for the last two weeks straight and had to let things slide a bit here. I’m finally getting my head above water and have to share some of the things I found in my travels.

As some of you may know one of my annual endeavors is to act as one of the Boat of The Year judges for Cruising World Magazine. As for my power boat friends, relax, remember I like all boats both power and sail. This week was a sailboat week.

My role in this event is the systems specialist on the judging team and I just wanted to share with you some of the things that drive me nuts when I’m inspecting electrical systems, but also to show you what puts a smile on my face. Keep in mind that the photos you will see are of brandy new boats that have entered the contest. What you see represents what the respective builders are putting in our marketplace. The first sequence of three photos is a prime example of what I call bad. Check it out:

So above we have the builder who likes to make sure the wiring doesn’t escape from the boat. He chose to fiberglass the wiring right into the fiberglass lamination. Not a great choice on the builder’s part.

Its amazing what some of these builders can hide behind the panels. Again, this is a brand new boat. Not much attention to detail with that pile of spaghetti.

In the photo below, I like the careful attention the installer put into making sure the wire lengths where correct………….

So, my hope is that the builders will learn like those that did the installations shown below. Attention to detail counts, and yes I’m looking for things like this on every boat!

Next week I’m back at it and will share more of my findings over the last several weeks, so stay tuned.

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