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Its hard to believe that a year has just slipped completely past me. It seems like just last week I was writing to you all about ABYC Standards week 2010. Well, next week I hit the 2011 edition of Standards week so I though I might just share with you some of the broad topics I’ll be trying to get the latest info on and throwing my 1.5 cents worth at.

Fuel systems is on-going as the EPA mandates for control of evaporative emissions from boats moves forward. To my knowledge the way forward on this topic is now pretty well cut in stone, but I will definately give you an update as things unfold next neek.

On the electrical side of things we have a really full plate. Some of the issues we are grappling with deal with wire sizing and derating based on bundle sizes and defining intermittent vs. continious loads in recreational marine terms.

We will be looking at issues related to the increasingly large and powerful battery banks we are beginning to see in either full or hybrid electrical systems on boats. Are properly protected in the event of a short circuit at or near the battery bank? some of us in the group think not.

We will also be looking at an issue that has been near and dear to my heart for some years now. We may actually finally approve the use of shore power transfomers that operate at high-frequency at ABYC Standards week. Now I know that means nothing to most of my readers, but if approved, rest assured I’ll provide plenty of explanation here on how and why this is a really big deal to you. So for now, over and out. I need to get ready to head off to Orlando next week. I’ll be reporting live from there as things unfold next week.

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