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In my last post I promised some video of things burning up. I have the video, but need to spend some time on the exact nature of what’s going on. Since I’m still on vacation, I’m going to hold off until next week for those.

Not a problem though. In the first leg of my vacation, I’ve been sailing around the San Juan islands here in Washington State and have managed to gather up several interesting photos of sights seen. Today’s installment is of a rather unusual trimaran that we ran into at Friday Harbor. I’ve never seen one quite like it, and am wondering if any of my readers can identify this beauty.

As you can see, with this gem you can sail, or motor with and economical 2 hp Honda Four-Stroke outboard. Keep in mind that this is a part of the world where many boats are hand built by their owners in really small shops. One-offs are common. This particular boat looked like a manufactured product but again, I haven’t seen one before anywhere. So, if anyone out there has any knowledge of this boat email me. Even better, if anyone has actually sailed one of these, let’s hear about the experience.

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