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Over Current Protection Is Simple With This App From Blue Sea.

Our friends and sponsor for Ed’s Tool Box just announced a new application that will certainly rival the Wire Sizer APP I mentioned earlier this week. My recommendation is that if you work in the global arena, you might just want both of these apps installed on your devices. (I don’t think that Wire Sizer is available for Android gear as yet.)

What Circuit Wizard does that Wire Sizer does not do is take more factors into account relative to the specific circuit in question and it derates cable size recommendation based not only on whether a circuit runs through an engine room space or not, but it also factors in for the type of electrical load, either fixed or variable ( a motor circuit is an example of a variable load). Circuit Wizard also will make adjustments based on a wire’s insulation temperature rating. Wire Sizer assumes that at least 105 C rated wire insulation is in use, with Circuit Wizard, this is a data input to assist in a more accurate calculation.

What Wire Sizer does that Circuit Wizard does not do is convert using metric sizing which is useful for those working on boats made outside of the US or Canada.

What Circuit Wizard does that Wire Sizer does not, is to recommend over-current protection by device for the circuit you are working with. Very cool! Its also available for both Apple or Droid products. Wire Sizer is 99 cents at iTunes. Circuit Wizard is free.

To download to your Apple device go here:


Google Play:


Amazon App Store


Either way these two apps are a great addition to the marine electrician’s arsenal of tools. Circuit Wizard is definitely going into my tool box, and its already installed on my iPhone 5 (Above photo)

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