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I think the approach Zodiac just tried makes a lot of sense for a variety of traditionally marine businesses. The press release below came in today from Soundings, Trade Only, but I’d be interested to hear from non-trade boaters about how they feel on this topic. Would you like to see some marine equipment vendors at RV events and shows? Send an email my way and let me know on this:

“Zodiac Boats of North America, a subsidiary of Zodiac ZMP, recently showcased its product at the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association trade show to gain exposure among RV owners.

“The demographics of an RV owner and a boat owner are parallel,” said Todd Harris, Zodiac of North America’s West Coast regional sales manager, in a statement. “They are both outdoor-oriented, adventurous and rank spending time with their families as a high priority. With the ability to have a Zodiac in the camper or motor home, the owner’s excursion no longer has to stop where the paved trail ends.”

“After learning more about Zodiac and the numerous possibilities for the RV industry’s participants, several RV dealers have expressed tremendous interest in expanding their parts/accessory sales by offering Zodiac products,” he added.

I can see this approach working for a number of traditionally marine only companies. Let me know your thoughts.

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