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Xantrex just added a new 60 amp rated battery charger to it’s already successful TRUECharge2  line-up. This is timely as folks keep adding to their battery capacity on board; bigger battery banks need bigger battery chargers and the new TRUECharge2 60 is a well specified unit. The unit has some interesting features that make it a worthy competitor in a very competitive sector of the marine marketplace.
xantrex true charger


For the Cruising Sailor, the new unit offers truly global AC voltage input that ranges from 90-265 VAC and 47-63 Hz, so it will work anywhere in the world where shorepower is available.

The unit comes with temperature compensation capability, with a three setting standard or optional temperature sensor (recommended) which will add needed input to the micro-processor controlled unit. This allows for more precise voltage and current output while charging batteries, maximizing battery potential life cycles, which is super important today considering the price of quality batteries.  The unit is also programmable for use with all of the popular battery chemistries used today. Of course the TRUECharge is a three phase unit and does come equipped with a fourth equalization phase for those still using traditional flooded cell batteries.

Another super feature set is the size and weight of the unit. Unlike older battery charger designs, this one has as small footprintat only 3.5 X 6.7 X 13.4 inches dimensionally and it only weighs 10 lbs.

Additionally, the TRUECharge 2 60 complies with virtually all of the international Standards for marine battery chargers, like ISO, CSA, ABYC and IEC. the unit is rated for ignition protection so it can be mounted in areas of a boat storing gasoline or with gasoline engines.

This unit comes with a two-year warranty and has a price of $630.  Based on the specifications, this charger is definately worth a look if you are planning an upgrade or setting up a new boat. I’ve got one on order to run through a test sequence and give you an up close and personal look at how it performs, so stay tuned.

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