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whsiper fan

The Whisper Fan Controller

As I’ve already mentioned, I spent last week at the IBEX industry show out in Louisville, Kentucky. While there I had an opportunity to check in with our friends at Dometic Group for a look at what’s new in their world. One item really caught my eye, especially because it can be easily retro-fitted to existing boats with Dometic Group AC units installed, whch covers any boat with either a Crusair or Marine Air System installed. Check out the video linked here:

So you may be wondering how this works. Basically by increasing the number of electrical pulses sent to the blower motor by a factor of hundreds over what traditional triac controls can do, the power pulse frequency smooths out the power supply dramatically reducing the motor mechanical noise that occurs with the triac’s. I was amazed at how much quieter this controller made the blower motor on the demo unit. If you’re into the sound of silence after a long day, this could just be the ticket for your boat.

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