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Ok, aside from a glitch we are working on as I write this, I’m feeling like a proud father. EdsBoatTips is growing! For those of you who are regulars, you’ll notice some changes on the site today. First, as promised a week or so ago, we’ve added Pacer Wire and Cable as a sponsor to the site. They have provided some really useful links for boaters who need tools, wire and cable when doing some of their own wiring. Please check them out. They wouldn’t be on the site if I didn’t think they offered good gear.

You’ll also notice some newly added links over in the left column. Ben Ellison’s Panbo site is an award winning electronics blog and Ben is a fellow contributor to Cruising World magazine and renowned guru in the world of marine electronics. Yes, I have been added to the list of esteemed Cruising World bloggers along with Ben and old friends Herb McCormick, Alvah Simon, Elaine Lembo and Mark Pillsbury. For my power boat friends, relax! Remember I like all boats power and sail, so I will continue to post material useful to all.

Additionally, I’ve added the link to This will be a useful site for new folks just getting into boating or existing boaters that have children that need to get a state or provincial license to operate a boat.

Finally, thanks to Peter Lindquist for giving me the heads up this morning about the issue we’re having with the right margin cutting off text. We’re working on that now and hope to get it resolved overnight.

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