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Torqueedo Solar Boat

Jim Greer Sailed The Great Loop In A Solar Powered Boat.

Jim Greer is into electric boats in a big way. One of his bucket list items is to complete a cruise of the Great Loop. For those unfamiliar with the loop, we’re basically talking about a water route that essentially circles the entire eastern half of the United States. This has been done by many, but not using a boat using only solar power!

He’s about half way now in his custom 45′ trimaran equipped with solar panels and two Torqueedo electric outboard drives as seen in the photo of his craft above. According to the folks at Torqueedo, this same trip would cost $10,000 in fuel.

Although slow going at an average speed of only about 2.5 mph, they haven’t spent any money on fuel and they are relying on the solar panels as the only re-charging means for the battery banks. This is a great test for the Torqueedo drives which so far have been trouble free. To follow Jim’s progress on this venture check it out at:

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