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I’m just back from a visit to one of my favorite areas in the US, the Pacific Northwest. ABYC held its annual Standards Week event along with our Annual Meeting and Board of Directors meeting. On top of that we held one of our Marine League of Schools meetings.

This year we had our meeting as well as a site visit at Skagit Valley College in Anacortes, WA. The photo above warms my heart. Why you ask? Check out all of those framed ABYC certifications. Well they belong to the marine service technology department chair. Through his office window you can see one of the shop areas. Skagit Valley has one of the nicest facilities I’ve seen in a while and really addresses the needs of the marine industry.

Program coverage includes all areas of marine systems, electrical and electronic, gas and diesel engines inboard and outboard, as well as composite repairs. Check out their program here.

Keep in mind that Skagit Valley is one of a group of schools that are supported by the ABYC’s Marine League program so you are talking about some of the premier training opportunities for marine service professionals in the US. The ABYC website at lists all of the schools. The bottom line is that if you or someone you know wants to get into the marine service business, one of these schools can be a first step! Check it out.

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