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Well, we’ve survived the East Coast bash known as hurricane Irene. Lest those of you out there think that just because things got down-graded to category 1 and then later to tropical storm warning level here in New England it was no big deal, let me share several photos I took from my little corner of the storm during and immediately after. All photos were taken in Wickford, RI, my hometown. BTW, I’m still without power and it looks like it will be several more days before we get it. I am sending this from my office, which does have power and is located just up the coast from Wickford. My point here is that even a category 1 hurricane packs a real punch! We’ll get back to things about wiring and electrics later in the week.
irene 3
Wickford Harbor during the height of the storm . The wind out of the East, South East and a moon high tide. Our breakwater was totally submerged and the seas just kept on coming for several hours. This shot was in front of my house.
john bradley scott
This is all that is left of a family friend’s beloved Ensign after the storm. A boat had pulled its mooring and run over his mooring line thereby setting him adrift. Enroute to this point the boat bounced over a stone jetty.


post irene wickford


This trawler broke off its mooring and ended up here at the dinghy dock at WYC.

In all not too bad. I can remember hurricane Bob some years ago. We spent a week cutting up boats and their parts all over the beach in front of my house. Two boats on the rocks this time was nothing. I hope the electricity comes back on fairly soon, the candlelight dinners are getting old already!

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