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north rip


Pearson Composites has changed its name to Pearson Marine Group. Just in case any of you are not familiar with the boat brands built at this RI company, we have the Alerion, which I have written about here on several occasions, the True North, which is a really unique power cruiser. New to the line-up is the North Rip center console line. I’m impressed with all of these brands and you all should really look at the boat within the line up that fits into your dream boat category….I’ll take one of each please.

So, follow the link below to their new website and give these boats a closer look.

The change is intended to draw attention to Pearson’s “long and remarkable history of innovation, its emergence from the marine industry’s downturn and its focus on the smart luxury brands of boats the company is building and selling,” the company said in a statement.

A new website was launched to unite Alerion sailing yachts, True North expedition powerboats and North Rip sportfishing boats and demonstrate the advantages of their shared corporate origin. This site also links to the separate sites for each brand.

Pearson said the company is enjoying interest from overseas markets in addition to sales and market-share growth in North America.

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