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Its always good to hear from our sponsors and its especially nice to hear things are looking good for them. The boat business has had more than its fair share of doom and gloom over the last few years. So, congrats go out to one of the sponsors here at, Pacer Group.

Check out their latest press release:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Sarasota, FL, March, 2011 – IBBI (Independent Boat Builders Incorporated) has named Pacer Group their preferred vendor for wire, cable, and battery cable assemblies.


This is an incredible opportunity for Pacer.  The Independent Boat Builder consortium consists of 21 boat builder members across the country.  “IBBI will bring us good potential for growth in the marine segment of our business,” Steve O’Dea, Pacer’s Sales Manager, said.  “This will open many doors for Pacer by creating new, and expanding existing, professional relationships.”


“The agreement process was a true collaboration between our two organizations,” O’Dea said. “We will now move forward by introducing Pacer’s premier wire and cable products to IBBI’s many boat manufacturers,” he said.


“I think that Pacer Group is a really good company to work with.  I visited their Sarasota facility and I was very pleased with what I saw,” Tom Broy, the President of IBBI, explained with enthusiasm.  “They have great control over their manufacturing facility, which is one of the reasons we decided to go with them.  IBBI appreciates the fact that Pacer Group is a manufacturer, as they have the ability to do custom work for IBBI.  Throughout this long process they have always managed to stay above their competition,” he said. “IBBI and Pacer Group have signed a three year contract, and we are looking forward to providing as much business as possible for Pacer.”


Pacer Group was established in 1979 and it has built its reputation as an industry leader one customer at a time through excellence in engineering, an experienced, knowledgeable sales force, and an unwavering commitment to customer service.


For more information please visit, or contact Pacer Group at          (941) 378-5774 or e-mail


For those of you outside the industry, IBBI is a buyers consortium that brings buying power for member boat builders, and some of the best known names in the industry are a part of the mix here. Companies like Parker, Bertram, Four Winns, Edgewater and Contender to name a few are a part of 21 member consortium. Again, congratulations to Pacer Group!


For the boat owners reading this, you can go to the IBBI website  and see their member list. If the maker of your boat is on the list, you now know where the wire and cable in your boat came from.

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