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Boaters with few exceptions tend to be environmentally concerned people. With that though in mind a new tool has just been introduced just in case you have your own private Deep Water Horizon experience, either at the boat or on your dock. Enter the C.I. Agent Oil Spill response kit. Seems like a good idea for both boater’s and marina operators. Check out the following press release to learn more about the kit.
oil spill kit



In a fuel or oil spill emergency, it’s critical to have all the tools at hand for quick containment and clean-up. The C.I.Agent® Spill Response Bag is a comprehensive rapid response system for hydrocarbon spills on water and land. It includes reusable components that eliminate the expense and hassle of hazardous waste disposal.

C.I.Agent is a proprietary, non-hazardous blend of USDA food-grade polymers that encapsulate and solidify hydrocarbons on contact. Listed on the EPA National Contingency Plan Product Schedule*, C.I.Agent solidifier is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It turns fuel, oil and other hydrocarbons into an inert, rubber-like mass that recycle into asphalt, rubber and plastic, or burn as fuel. It’s disposable as normal trash, especially beneficial when most other remediation products must be treated as costly and dangerous hazardous waste after use.

Small enough to be tucked out of the way onboard, stashed in a dock box or kept near a fueling station, the Spill Response Bag is customizable to fit particular applications. A standard kit contains a 12′ reusable C.I.Agent Quick Deployment Boom (QDB), 10 lbs. of C.I.Agent Granules in .5 lb. dissolvable pouches, a reusable 12″ x 12″ Bilge Bag, a garbage bag and heavy-duty gloves.

The versatile QDB effortlessly captures sheen when dragged across the water. On land, it’s excellent for protecting storm drains from fuel spills. Because it is lightweight and flexible, one person can easily deploy the QDB unassisted. It’s also available in standard lengths of 25, 50 and 100′, or custom sizes upon request. The durable and reusable Bilge Bag contains 8 oz. of C.I.Agent polymers inside a tough, tear-resistant pouch.

Until the loose polymers inside the QDB and Bilge Bag are completely used and solidify, these products can be deployed again and again. Users simply rinse them and hang to dry, knowing they will not drip or leach harmful hydrocarbons.

The C.I.Agent Spill Response Bag measures 17″W x 20″H x 8″D and comes in eye-catching Safety Glow Orange and Lime Glow Green. A standard kit retails for $420.

C.I.Agent Solutions offers a wide range of products for marine, industrial and environmental applications, including booms, pillows, storm drain inserts, fabric barriers and hydrocarbon flow filters. The company prides itself on creating effective solutions for its customers’ unique hydrocarbon containment and clean-up needs. C.I.Agent Solutions received the 2010 WorkBoat Environmental Award for its recovery efforts in the Gulf following the Deepwater Horizon explosion.

Contact C.I.Agent Solutions, 11760 Commonwealth Dr, Louisville, KY 40299. Toll free: 866-242-4368; Fax 502-267-0181.

You can go to their website: to learn more as well.

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