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Does using ethanol blended fuel make you feel green? Or, do you worry about the fuel’s impact on your engine or boat’s fuel tank?

Every boater has read one article or another about the horrors of alcohol in their fuel and its impact on such things as fiberglass fuel tanks, its overall lack of stability and propensity for attracting water into your fuel tank.

Most of you have probably heard or read that the EPA has been trying to up the allowed blend from 10% to 15% and the boating industry, primarily the NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Assiciation) has been pushing back on this, for good reason.

The truth is, most folks have probably not considered how mis-guided this whole ethanol thing really is. Truth is, all we are really doing his helping out a segment of the farming community, and of course their lobbying people are all for increasing the blend to 15%. Not because these folks are super green tree huggers either, but for the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ involved.

Well today a link came in over the wires that helps to explain some of this madness and I have to share it:

Check it out if you are interested in a dose of reality regarding Ethanol blended fuel

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