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Just in today. One of my site sponsors and favorite companies, Mastervolt in Holland, has agreed to be acquired by a US based company, Actuant Corporation. Actuant is a company that over the last few years has acquired other marine electrical companies such as Marinco, Ancor, and BEP to name several. The selling price is $150 million dollars. I can only hope for the best for all of my friends at Mastervolt.

Actuant has done quite a job of gathering under one corporate umbrella some of the best known and respected marine brands from around the globe. My hope here?  That the service level for customers stays at a high level and the inovative products keep on coming.

I always worry when companies get too big and I start seeing a disconnect with customers. I’ll be watching this industry move quite closely and I promise to keep you posted. This is really breaking news in my world.

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