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I’m just beginning to unwind from the whirlwind that was the Miami Boat Show this year. As I sort through the many things I checked out this year one stood out with interest. IMTRA introduced an new SidePower thruster this year that has some unique features not available with other systems. They won one of the NMMA Innovation awards for it too. I got a chance to play with this system a bit during the show. The photo below is me trying to spray water all over the Miami Convention center:

The Side-Power SEP Series is the first DC thruster that provides exact variable power control and eliminates the danger of overpowered or underpowered docking. Imtra brings control down to the 35-70’ range of boats and even provides a Hold function that runs the thrusters continuously to hold the boat against a dock for short-term maneuvers like picking up and dropping off passengers.

The tactile control is extremely sensitive and took a little getting used to. Unlike other thruster controls that are either all on or all off, the joystick (shown below) controls variable speed of the thruster motor, and in turn how fast either a bow or stern thusters runs and reacts. Once you get used to the sensitivity of the joy stick this is one smooth operation. It took me about 3 minutes to get the hang of it so its not a big deal.
Check it out at:

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