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Next week I’ll be attending two of my favorite annual events. This year they will be held at a new venue, the Louisville, Kentucky Convention Center.

Many of my readers have probably never heard of the IBEX show. It is actually one of, if not the the biggest boat builder shows in the world. For boaters, this is a tough thing to grasp. There are no boats at this show, just boat parts. It’s a vendor show and educational venue. This is where boat insiders gather to learn about the newest and coolest new products available to put boats together with. On the educational side, this is where we learn how to do it better. I’ve been one of the speakers at IBEX for years now, can’t remember how many…. but I always contribute something either in the electrical, corrosion analysis or electronic installation end of things.

The other event I’ll be a part of at IBEX is totally on the educational side of things.  MITEC, is the Marine Industry Training and Education Council and I am their professional development commitee chairperson. We have our annual gathering in conjunction with the IBEX event and discuss issues related to workforce development and such so that your boats will get built properly and serviced without a hitch.
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Suffice to say its going to be a busy week for me. But the good news is that I’ll be back with a lot of new inside info on products you can use on your boat. As for the MITEC side of things, I encourage you to check out our web site to see what we are about and check out the resources we provide if you or someone you know is looking to break in to the marine industry. One of our resources is a list of training providers here in North America as an example. We also have a skills analysis tool to give you an idea of things you need to know and be able to do to get a job. You can get to the MITEC website via this like:

So, my posts next week might just be a bit sporadic as we really get caught up in meetings presentations and more meetings but you can surely look forward to hearing about the latest and greatest when I get back.

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