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chuck husick
I found out this morning that an old friend had passed away. Chuck Husick was an engineer, prolific writer, consumer advocate, boater, pilot, business leader, mentor, and in his later years, at least to me, the Andy Rooney of the boating industry. Yes, Chuck would be considered by some as somewhat of a crank because on the surface he could be described as a bit of a curmudgeon. I loved that trait because what I saw in Chuck was a very wise fellow who had lived through many valuable experiences and in his own way shared them with us all.

I first met Chuck at a journalist’s gathering in England 15 or so years ago. We were all at the Raytheon plant and were being introduced to a new radar that Raytheon was bringing out. I can remember Chuck asking some questions that clearly told me this guy knew a few things about radar. These weren’t typical journalist questions, but a tech guy’s questions. As a tech guy, suffice to say I was impressed.

Over the years Chuck and I would run into each other at various boat shows and industry gatherings and I always got a chance to get his take on the latest technology shifts, good and bad in his view. I’d write a technical article and sometimes get an email from him telling me how I might have explained whatever it was I was trying to explain better. At first I though that he hated me, but soon figured out that it was just his way of trying to help me do a better job.

In recent years if Chuck had a gripe about ABYC Standards, or something he thought needed addressing or changing he’d contact me for my opinion and if we agreed, I’d get on the case for him.

I enjoyed Chuck’s company and had a high degree of respect for his position on things. I’m going to miss Chuck Husick.

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