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C-Zone’s new software upgrade has many new features including wireless connectivity.

Several new items of note regarding our friends and sponsors over at Mastervolt/Marinco came in over the transom over the July 4th weekend. One of the items is that a bit of “re-branding” is going on within the company. Nrew Zealand’s BEP marine, long known for its excellent switching products and the development of the C-Zone digital switching line and related software is now being brought under the Marinco brand.

Perhaps more of interest and significance to the boat owner though is the release of a new software package for the C-Zone range of products. The new release, which actually makes its debut next week, provides functionality to support the new wireless interface, added features sets and overall software improvements. The upgrade software is free to download and is compatible with all existing and new C-Zone digital switching systems. This new software release is required to support the new wireless interface.

So, with this upgrade the system now acts as a wireless hub, allowing tablets and smartphones to connect wirelessly for remote control and monitoring of the C-Zone system. The upgrade also adds significant new functionality to the AC (shore power) system on board.

Additionally, on July 1st, the company announced the acquisition of ProMariner, another of our longtime supporters and the maker of some of the most interesting and innovative battery chargers around. We’ll talk about that more as more news about all of that comes in.

To learn more about this welcome C-Zone upgrade, click on the Mastervolt/Marinco banner ad at the top of the page or click here.

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