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egular visitors to Ed’s Boat Tips may notice some changes to the header today. One of the companies I report on periodically, Mastervolt, is a new sponsor for the site.

Im really quite excited about this because over the years I’ve followed Mastervolt closely as they have developed new and innovative products for the marine industry. I have truly admired their attention to detail, the quality of their products and the innovative approach they have taken from an engineering perspective with many of their products . So, a big welcome to my friends at Mastervolt!

Over the next year you can count on some really interesting and helpful entries here that I’ll be working on with the Mastervolt team.

For example, over the next few months you can look for more “how to” tips for things like sizing a new battery charger to fit your boating habits and needs, how to wire a battery bank properly, and in that category, how to install and deal with some of the newest battery technology available today and coming our way. Mastervolt is one of the leaders in this area and there is a lot to know and learn about these new battery types. Count on Ed’s Boat Tips to keep you on top of what’s going on in this exciting area of marine technology.

For now, since I live in RI, I need to get ready for the incoming hurricane/tropical storm Earl that’s heading my way. My boat Fly Zone is out of the water and secured in my back yard so I’m good on that count. I need to deal with the deck furniture, bird feeders and such next. Have a great Labor Day weekend!

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