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Back in May I received a surprise call from the editor of Soundings magazine, Bill Sisson. For those not in the know, Soundings is a well known East Coast boating publication. He wanted to interview me… Well I was a bit flattered and the whole idea forced me to go back through some of my boating experience and reflect on things past and present. Also, it forced me to go back through a pile of photo albums because the magazine needed some photos of me doing boating things. I had a blast poring over the photos and studying the various stages of my boating life and digitizing the photos finally. Of course I was a bit put back because for some reason or other I don’t exactly look like I did 20 years ago. Somehow my hair color has changed a bit and my body mass has increased. So anyhow, for those of you who may be wondering who Ed is, has re-published the article and its online now. Follow this link to read the whole article: Ed Sherman Talks Boats

Also, for those following this blog let me give you a little insight into some up and coming events over the next few weeks. I’m officially on vacation but will continue to post when I can get to an area with internet access. Tomorrow, I’m going to be in the lab at Blue Sea systems and we’re going to be shooting some video of some high current fuses burning up. Why you ask? My good friend Wayne Kelsoe, who is the chief engineer for Blue Sea Systems and I are trying to study and find some solutions to a vexing problem that many people don’t think about, proper over-current protection for increasingly larger and more powerful battery banks on cruising boats, both power and sail.

Few cruisers are aware that if there is a short circuit at or near one of these battery banks, the potential for an on board fire is quite real. Anyhow, expect to see some new video of our tests on my You Tube channel within the next few days. It could be interesting. We may discover that the fuse that’s protecting your bow thruster or anchor windlass for example, may not actually function when you need it most.

Thursday I’ll be sailing through the San Juan Islands with my wife and taking many photos and video. I’ll be on the lookout for some interesting boating events along the way. So stay tuned, we’ll see what we come up with.

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