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Cut Fiberglass Can Cause The Wires On Your Boat To Chafe.

Recently a reader sent in the photo above with a question about the green and black device with the wires coming out of it. Simple question, what is that thing? While looking at the photo, I couldn’t help but notice one of the things I posted about last month regarding chafe protection for wiring.

Well, the green thing you see in the image above is some sort of current transformer, or in electro-speak a “CT” coil. These devices are typically used today to measure the electrical current (amps) in the conductor and send that data off to a meter somewhere else. I certainly can’t tell from the photo specifically what this CT coil is doing for sure, but suffice to say it is measuring amperage flow for one reason or another on this particular boat.

Of additional interest to me as I studied the photo was the hole in the upper left corner of the photo. If you look at it carefully you’ll see the rather rough edge of the fiberglass this hole was cut into. Also notice how the bundle of wires and cables is pulled up tight against the other edge of that same hole.

As a reminder folks, fiberglass can have some really sharpe edges when you start cutting holes in it such as shown here. No chafe protection visible here. A problem waiting to happen. That should be dealt with soon.


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