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Stainless Steel Tools & Waterproof Digital Multi-Meters Make Perfect Gifts For The Boat Lovers in Your Life, Or At Least For Yours Truly.

It’s that time of year and all good boys young and old, as well as really cool girls need to be sure their Christmas list is in order, otherwise they are just going to end up with that new flannel shirt, a crappy pair of gloves you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing, or maybe some new socks sure not to fit, and for the girls, more hideous jewelry. You guys and enlightened girls out there know what I’m talking about here.

So, in the spirit of wishful thinking, I’ve put together my list for this year, and its all very practical stuff for a boating technoid, which I’m told I am. Mind you a new boat would be at the top of my list but currently the funds for that are being sent to a college in Northern Vermont where my son and namesake is majoring in snow boarding (it seems).

For years I’ve struggled with the fact that sooner or later all of the tools I keep on my boat get rusty. This sort of goes along with my last post, Rust Never Sleeps….Even if I hose them all down with WD-40 and keep them in a sealed Tupperware container, rust seems to find my tools sooner or later. So, how about a nice set of stainless steel tools? Unlike the bolts and hardware I talked about in my last post, tools are generally in a position to get plenty of oxygen and passify, keeping them nice and rust free.

I did a little web search and the site that won my heart turned out to be boater oriented, which won points right from the get go. Go Bosun Supplies a stainless steel tool lover’s dream. I even noticed a stainless steel shovel, which I suppose could be useful for the on board gardening set.

So now that I’ve found a source for potentially rust-free tools, I have one more wish. I play with electricity quite a bit and have always wanted a waterproof digital multi-meter that didn’t cost an arm and a leg, the rough equivalent of a semester’s tuition for my son. I found just what I was looking for  and made by a company I’ve done business with before, so I know about their products. So, take a web cruise to: and check out the ExTech line of meters. I own several, only the units I have now are not waterproof, which is what I’d like. The unit shown in the above link only costs $140, which is quite reasonable. Some of you may also want an optional amp clamp to go along with it, the same site has those as well.

If you have been especially good this year, get courageous, ask for the Flir handheld thermal imaging camera. They’ve got one on sale for only $1995. That is without question the best price I’ve seen yet to get into this technology. You saw a sample of what this technology can show you in my earlier article, “Hot Stuff”. I want my own camera bad, but I can’t ask for it for Christmas this year, I just have not been that well-behaved. Maybe next year.

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