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New friends at contacted me last week and asked if I’d mind if they posted a safety related article here. Seems like a good idea to me so here’s the artcle and a short video. Be sure to check out their website to learn about the basic boater safety exam requirements in your area.



Here is a top ten boating safety list for those who need a quick guide before hitting the water with their boats. Most of the safety tips are common sense but it is surprising how many people seem to forget about them when they’re out on the water with their friends and family.

1. Be Weather Conscious

Know what the weather forecast is before taking your boat out on the water. If you happen to take a chance, as most of us do, and venture out on a cloudy day, be sure to get off the water if it begins to rain or the wind speeds pick up.

2. Make a Checklist

A checklist should be verified each time you decide to take your boat out on the water. The checklist should include a fire plan, fuel plan and capsize plan as well. This will help you if your boat’s engine over heats, it runs out of fuel or ends up upside down.

3. Common Sense: Respect the Rules of the Water

Boating on lakes and rivers is much like driving on roads, there are rules and regulations for both. Using common sense involves respecting the speed limit, slowing down when smaller boats are passing you and respecting buoys. These rules are implemented for your safety and should be respected at all times!

4. Choose you Assistant Skipper Wisely

This is not always the easiest element of boat safety to plan for but should be done as often as possible. If you are a boating a family, make sure your spouse has taken the course and can drive the boat to safety if anything happens to the primary driver.

5. Have a Float Plan

Make sure you tell someone that you are taking the boat out on the lake. Someone will know if you have been out for longer than expected they will try and contact you to ensure everything is alright. Furthermore, you will be able to get into contact with them if anything goes wrong when you are out on the lake.

6. Have Certified Life Jackets

Lifejackets may not be the most stylish boating apparel out there but they are lifesavers. Every boat should have enough lifejackets on board at all times for every person on the boat.

7. Alcohol Should be Avoided

Boats are used for having fun and entertaining friends. This usually involves consuming some cold beers or nice bottles of wine and there is nothing wrong with that. However, be sure to drink alcohol within moderation. At the end of the day, a boat is a motorized vehicle that should still be driven sober.

8. Taking Swimming Lessons

Learning to swim should definitely be one of your goals if you own a boat or planning on owning one. If an accident was to occur and the need to jump into the water arises, swimming would be a great skill to have. If not, it is recommended that you wear a lifejacket at all times.

9. Get Your Boat Examined Regularly

The US Coast Guard offers free boat check-ups. They are also a terrific source for answering any questions you may have regarding boating safety regulations.

10. Take a Boating Course

Since this safety boating article is being written by, the best online resource to get your boating licence, it is only natural that one of the safety tips is taking a boating course. The boating licence test will help boaters become accustomed to the 9 rules in this article and enable to react to problematic situations on the water.

This article is written by, for more information about boating safety, feel free to visit the website and contact us for any details. Have fun and stay safe.

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