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Wing Nut Battery


How To Fasten Your Boat’s Battery To Be ABCY Compliant.

I can hear people out in the boatyard in the early stages of getting their boats ready for the upcoming season. These are sweet sounds after the winter we’ve had!

With the sound of Spring come thoughts of common mistakes boat owner’s make with their prep, most often without even knowing it. In the photo above, we see one that even the boat builder messed up on because the photograph is of a new boat.

The wing nuts holding the cables to the battery clamps are now not compliant with the latest version of ABYC Standard E-10. The Standard states that for cable 6AWG or larger, wing nuts are no longer allowed. These need to be replaced with some hex nuts and lock washers.I’m often asked why.

Simple, the wings get loose and cause heating and even electrical arcing at the battery posts. As I’ve said here many times before, too much heat and fires get started. This is an easy fix and should be a simple upgrade as a part of your Spring get ready.

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