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I’ve touted the PulseTech equipment on this site before, and I’m going to do it again. Why? Because I’m a believer. I use their equipment and have for years. I know for sure it increases battery life.

Well, last week a PulseTech dealer in Minnesota (think really cold and batteries get hit hard, especially in the winter) sent around some photos of battery plates from the inside of some batteries he used in an experiment to see what really happens over time to batteries charged with and without the PulseTech technology. One set of plates were in a battery charged with a PulseTech Xtreme charger and the other set with a conventional trickle charger.

That grey stuff you see on the plates not charged with the Xtreme charge unit is sulfate build-up. Think of it as cholesterol for the battery. Like cholesterol, the sulfate will stop the flow of “juice” in your battery, eventually rendering it useless. At the price of batteries these days, I remain sold on these chargers. You can expect to get a two to three time increase in battery life based on my personal experience. Check it out:



For more information about these chargers go to:

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