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Parker Energy Systems has just introduced a handy device that although intended to be used to control their fuel polishing systems, offers boaters additional functionality whether you have a fuel polishing system or not. The device is a programable timer control that can be used for a variety of on board DC systems. Things like fans and cabin lights can be set to come on and off automatically based on your own needs. A nice idea and reasonably priced at $239. The timer is shown here:


timer control

Parker’s press release says it all. Great idea Parker!


        Scheduling fuel maintenance with Parker Energy Systems’ FPM-050 Fuel Polishing Module is simple with the FPM-PTC-12 Programmable Timer/Control. Incredibly versatile, this unit can also be used to control other devices installed in the onboard DC electrical system.

The FPM-PTC-12 works with any 12V DC appliance that draws up to 12A. Intuitive to use, its push buttons and straightforward display prompts make programming quick and easy.

It’s great for controlling anchor and interior lights.  Owners never have to worry about leaving them on all day and draining the battery.  It can turn lights on for added safety when reboarding from a tender at night.

To keep inside air fresh, the Timer can be used to control the ventilation system, automatically circulating stale air out.  Owners can also save power by programming fans to turn off during the night as the boat or rig cools down.

The FPM-PTC-12 is highly customizable and offers the capability of 56 weekly switching schedules and up to eight distinct cycles per day.  A manual override feature eliminates the need for an additional helm switch.  Surface or flush-mountable, the Timer/Controller’s splash-proof enclosure is available in a black anodized or stylish brass finish.

Parker Energy Systems’ FPM-PTC-12 Timer/Controller costs $239.

Contact Parker Energy Systems, Parker Hannifin Corp., 95 Edgewood Ave., New Britain, CT  06051.  Toll-free 877-217-4501;;

To find out more about this handy device, go to

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