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LPG Leak Test


If your boat is equipped with a propane system (LPG) you should be performing periodic leak tests for the system. The test is really easy to perform, but in my experience few boater’s ever perform the test. No special equipment is needed and if the system has been installed in accordance with ABYC Standard A-1, Liquified Petroleum Gas Systems, there should be a label inside the lid for your LPG bottle locker that tells you how to perform the test. An example of the pertinent paragraph found on the label is shown here:


ipg test

Paragraph 4 describes the three minute leak down test. Leaks can be traced by using a soapy water solution at all fittings and joints in the system. Just make sure the soap you use does not contain any ammonia. The ammonia will actually attack brass fittings commonly used in LP plumbing systems and may cause them to leak. It won’t happen immediately, but several months down the line you could be in trouble.


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