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OK, this one is off the beaten path but I just couldn’t resist it. Yesterday I was flipping through a magazine and came across an advertisement for a product I have never heard of. Nothing new about that, it happens to me almost daily, but this product may just be the answer to a perennial problem that I’ve never really been able to solve without the use of chlorine bleach which is a bit nasty as far as I’m concerned.

The product is a cannister filled with Kanberra gel that promises to kill all sorts of bacteria and fungi and most importantly to boaters, MOLD! For me this is big, because I just happen to have mold on my list of things I’m allergic to. The company logo and a picture of the cannisters in several sizes are shown here:



So the idea here is to put one of these cannisters in the cabin of your boat and let it do its thing, especially during the winter lay up period, but probably year round as far as I’m concerned. I went to the website at: and have just ordered a “dorm survival kit”. So one of the containers in the kit is going on my boat before I wrap it up for the winter and one is going in the house to see what happens. If my son is lucky I may order another kit for his college dorm room. This is an all natural product that simply sounds too good to be true. It has to smell better than chlorine! I’ll let you know how it works at a later date

Also, for my regular readers, stay tuned. I’ve been sorting through a ton of material from my visits to the IBEX and Annapolis boat shows and will be back on track with all of that beginning tomorrow.

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