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The Best Way To Use & Remove Circle Clips On Your Boat’s Rigging.

First, sorry to all for my absence during the last two weeks. I’ve been totally engrossed in several of my favorite things, IBEX, the premier industry show here in the US for all things boats, and the Annapolis Boat Show, and my involvement with the Cruising World Magazine Boat of The Year program. I got to sail 24 different boats as a part of that little gig, but perhaps more important to you all are the hundreds of photos that I took of the “innards” of these boats. These as many of you know are things I share throughout the year, both the good and the bad. So, with that said, let’s start with a good one.

For me anyhow, this is something so simple I’m mad at myself for not thinking of it.

I’m talking about a really easy and quite effective way to keep those circle clips used to hold clevis pins in place all over a boat’s rigging and yet allow them to be removed easily at the same time. Also, a means to keep these things from “biting” after they have been on and off for a few times and end up with an open end. I’ve been lacerated by a few of these things over the years.

So, the photo above says it all I think. Basically you assemble the clevis pin and install the circle clip. Then take a piece of appropriately sized heat shrink tubing and slip it over the ring. Heat it up and it will shrink down to lock everything in place nicely. When you need to remove the clip and pin for service a pocket knife will easily slice off the heat shrink to allow access. Simple, and effective. I love it!

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