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My Old Boat, My New Boat & A Fly Fishing Adventure With My Son

Fly Zone is off to a new home!

They say that the happiest day in a boater’s life is the day they get their new boat. They also say the second happiest day is the day they sell it. Well I don’t necessarily agree. You see last week I sold my beloved Fly Zone.

Yes, I’m replacing my Amesbury skiff with a larger boat a week from today. Not too much larger mind you, but large enough so that my family and I can zip around Narragansett bay a bit more quickly and shoot out to the islands off the coast of RI and southern Massachusetts more easily.

I also need a larger platform for some of the electrical equipment testing I do for posts here and some of the magazine work I also do. So, in the photo above, Fly Zone is on the trailer and ready to leave my life. She’s going to a good home with  fellow fly fisher who I know will take good care of her and enjoy her. As he put it, a new chapter in each of our lives is about to begin.

We’ll get into the details of the new boat when I get back in action. My son an I are going to pick it up next week in Miami and are heading south to the Florida Keys for a little Tarpon fly-fishing adventure. After that we’ll be trailering the new boat “Amped Up” back up the east coast to Rhody for a launch here just before Memorial Day weekend.

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