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I’m finally getting back to this year’s IBEX BoatBuilder show to share some of the new and innovative things that are going to be available to you as you upgrade your boat.

One of the big events that occurs during the IBEX show is that the industry gives some awards for new product innovation, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t give you a heads up on at least the electrical side of this event.

One thing I walked away from IBEX this year with is a very clear view of the direction the industry is headed in, at least as far as the big picture goes. Several things come to mind. One, high tech battery technology is here to stay. Two, hybrid and all electric propulsion are gaining solid traction within the boat building community. Three, digital switching is still the rage at the high end of the spectrum.

So, with those little nuggets of information in mind, two products in the electrical area stood out, one a battery charger that can effectively cater to the needs of the high tech battery systems coming our way and the other a brilliantly designed device intended to help deal with an on going problem on boats….. a million wires connected to the battery(s). You know what I’m talking about here, the battery storage area on board that looks something like the one shown below:


bad battery install

So without further delay, the winner of this years contest..(drum roll please)..

Professional Mariner with their new Pronautic P series of battery chargers.



All I can say about these new battery chargers is wow! These things just keep getting smarter. The Pronautic series is available in 12 or 24 volt set-ups and can deal with shorepower supplies from anywhere in the world. Perhaps more significant is the detailed capability to optimize charge outputs for any of the new tech batteries out there, and soon to come. The Pronautic comes with a 5 year warranty too which is somewhat exceptional for this sort of equipment. check it out at:

Next, my friends at Blue Sea Systems have been busy trying to find good solutions to my lead photo here and they ended up as the runner-up in the innovation award contest. Their new Safety Hub will provide boat owners with a quick and ready way to clean up a lot of wiring and provide proper overcurrent protection for the circuits in question; all in a neat and tidy ignition protected package. The safety hub is shown here:


safety hub

To find out more about the Safety Hub, use the link in the left column of my home page.

So, as you hit the fall and winter boat shows this year and think about some really valuable upgrades to your boat, check out these two innovative winners. Good gear!

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