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Ed demonstrating how to use electrical test equipment to an adult ed group

Over this past weekend I received an inquiry from John asking about where he might find some good training opportunities to learn about his diesel engine and electrical system.

Hey Ed- “I have been a sailboat owner for many years, but have never learned about maintaining a diesel engine or the electrical system. Where can I get training that is better than a generalized overview; training that would be practical and useable.”   Thank you John

Well John this is a good and timely question. As my regular readers know, my primary job is working as the Educational Programming Director for the American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC). Adult education is my major vocation at this point in my career. To John’s question anyone in his position needs to know that programs are indeed available but to get the training you want, you need to be prepared to make a bit of a committment in time.

One of the areas I’m involved with on this adult education front is an elite group of schools located around the US known as the Marine League, a group the ABYC has hand picked due to their adoption of ABYC Standards based programming. Think of the group as the Ivy League of marine training programs.

All five of these institutions (as of this writing) offer matriculating programs in marine service technology. They also offer the opportunity to take individual courses on a non-matriculating basis. That’s where the opportunity lies for John and anyone else that want’s to learn more about composite repair, electrics, engines either gas or diesel inboard or outboard. So, depending on where you live, follow the links here to learn more about how you can get better educated in all things marine service technology related. Honolulu Community College (Hawaii) New England Institute of Technology (Rhode Island) Broward College (Florida)  The Landing School (Maine) Skagit Community College  (Washington State)

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