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I get a chance to see a lot of new things as I make my rounds at various boat shows. I also get inundated with press releases from PR firms on a daily basis. Its rare that something just jumps out at me and makes me say whoa, this is a great idea. Well, it happened yesterday.

Wavecraft USA has just announced a new tool offering, the “Waveblade” power barnacle remover shown below:



Now you may be thinking hey, what’s the big deal? It just looks like a regular old scraper. Well, that’s where the similarity ends. This tool operates on 12 volts so it can be powered up by your boat and it is completely waterproof so it can be used underwater. It comes with an attached 45 ft. cord so you just connect it to your on board power source and jump overboard for a little dive and scrape session on your boat’s bottom. It’s not just a simple scrape either, the tool generates a high frequency oscillation that will rattle those barnacles away with hardly any effort. there are four specialized blades available for the tool, with the standard blades made of powder-coated steel and optional stainless steel blades for those underwater missions.

The tool is not inexpensive, its going to retail for $399, but I’m just thinking about the amount of time this thing can save. I’ve got one on the way for testing purposes and will report back after I’ve used the tool. It sounds like a winner to me.  It could end up in Ed’s Tool Box! Check it out or give the distributor a call at: 1-877-895-9283

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